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The Transit App 2.0.5

Transit gets you there

Real-time transit information is available in supported cities with Transit. View full description


  • Provides real-time info where available
  • Easy to use directions tool


  • Cluttered interface
  • Small number of cities currently supported

Very good

Real-time transit information is available in supported cities with Transit.

Depending on where you are, Transit can access and show schedules for various transit authorities in many major cities, giving you information about which service is nearby and how soon it will be leaving from your location.

Transit requires a data connection for real-time information, so it's important to connect through data or Wi-Fi. It's an impressive travel app.

Simple design, information overload

While Transit offers excellent information in the cities it is supports, the design of the app is simple. The interface shows relevant public transportation with direction information and the time that it leaves.

If you feel like Transit is offering too much information, you can disable specific public transit. In San Francisco, Transit can show 8 different transportation options. But within the 8, only 4 can be updated real-time.

It really depends on the city as to how useful Transit will be. You can also search for directions to places and it will offer multiple routes if available.

Since Transit only offers 43 cities right now, it's best for North America because it contains the most cities.

Simple, but cluttered

For basic information, Transit offers a lot of information. One problem is that while it sorts different transit by color, on first use the app feels overly complicated. Unlike specific public transportation apps, Transit will display all the transit types it can.

This leads to a lot of information on the screen if there are many public transportation options.

Searching for directions is easy to use and the multiple options is a welcome change. There can be some slowdown as Transit searches for locations, but this may depend on which city it's being used in.

Great design

Transit is a well-designed app. Focused on presenting information, there aren't any extraneous graphics or menus. It's straightforward and tries to offer the maximum amount of information.

The directions search also works well and the directions given through the app are very easy to understand.

43 cities with more to come

The only limiting factor is that Transit only supports a small number of cities. While the most are in the United States, Europe could greatly benefit from a longer list of cities.

Transit does its job well. The interface may get cluttered, but having real-time info is a great tool when commuting. If there was way to cache schedules and not rely on a data connection, Transit would be one of the best apps available.

Transit gets you there. (works in 37 cities including NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia) Wherever you are, just pull Transit out of your pocket and quickly see the next departure for all the public transit routes near you. Not sure how to go somewhere? Just let Transit know where you're headed and our trip planner will map out the quickest way to get there. The Transit App features: - Schedules and itineraries for nearby routes (real-time where available) - Real-time vehicle locations on the map (where available) - Multimodal trip planner giving you the 4 quickest ways to reach your destination - Offline access to schedules and itineraries - Favorites, to keep the routes you frequently use at the top of the list - Location offsetting to see transit routes at another location - Smart direction save, that remembers your preferred direction depending on your location - Always up-to-date data for all supported Transit agencies - Downloadable city bundles Transit works with the following transit agencies - New York City (NYC Subway*, MTA Buses*, NJ Transit, Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, PATH) - Toronto (TTC*, GO Transit, YRT*, Brampton Transit, Hamilton Street Railway, Grand River Transit, Guelph Transit) - Montréal (STM, RTL, AMT*, STL*, autres CITs) - Chicago (CTA*, Metra, Pace) - Philadelphia (SEPTA*, NJ Transit, PATCO) - Los Angeles (Metro*, Big Blue Bus, MetroLInk, RTA, OCTA) - San Francisco (MUNI*, BART*, AC Transit*, VTA, Caltrain, Golden Gate Transit, County Connection*) - Boston (MBTA*, Massport) - Vancouver (TransLink*, BC Rapid Transit Company, West Coast Express) - Washington D.C. (Metro*, DC Circulator*, Arlington Transit*, Ride On*, Fairfax Connector) - Ottawa (OC Transpo*) - Atlanta (MARTA) - Seattle (Metro Transit*, Sound Transit*, City of Seattle, Kingcounty Marine Division) - Miami (Miami-Dade Transit) - Baltimore (MdTA) - Portland (TriMet*) - San Diego (MTS, NCTD*) - Houston (METRO) - Minneapolis-Saint Paul (Metro Transit*, Plymouth*, Scott County Transit*, SouthWest Transit*, Airport (MAC), University of Minnesota) - Calgary (Calgary Transit) - Honolulu (TheBus*) - Pittsburgh (Port Authority) - Dallas (DART) - Denver (RTD) - Salt Lake City (UTA*) - St. Louis (Metro) - Austin (Capital Metro) - Winnipeg (Winnipeg Transit*) - Québec (RTC) - Halifax (MetroTransit) - Saskatoon (Saskatoon Transit) - Thunder Bay (Thunder Bay Transit*) - Kelowna (BC Transit) - Squamish (BC Transit) - Victoria (BC Transit) - Whistler (BC Transit) - Kamloops (BC Transit) * Uses real-time predictions and vehicle locations for some or all routes.

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